1- General Contracting

Our Company is specialized in construction and general contracting projects, such as residential towers, industrial projects, roads, bridges, tunnels, dams and others that related to this field. We provide comprehensive solutions for the field of construction and reconstruction, by combining the latest technologies and solutions with the skills of our experts and working teams. We guarantee the owner of the project to obtain the best quality in implementation and the best price.

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What Are The Different Types of Construction?

  • building construction
  • industrial construction
  • commercial building construction
  • heavy civil construction.

2- Electrical Services

Zahrat Al-Iraq Company provides the electrical services professionally with a competitive prices. We provide our electrical services from design, consulting and execution to all residential projects, industrial projects, factories and agricultural projects.

Putting the quality as a priority for our work has made us one of the companies with a reputation and sobriety in this field, and our electrical services include the following:

A- Substations

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Zahrat Al-Iraq is one of the leading companies in Iraq that provides installation and maintenance services for high-voltage, medium-voltage and low-voltage power stations. Our company has good relations with the discreet international companies that manufacture transformers and power stations. We are one of the first Iraqi companies that started working in substation field.

B- High Voltage

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Zahrat Al-Iraq Company carries out high-voltage electrical services that include design and installation high-voltage networks. We also work in the field of generation stations, electrical circuit breakers, electrical tests, electrical maintenance, electric towers, and maintenance services for high-voltage currents.

C- Low Voltage

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In the field of low voltage, our company provides various types of electrical services, including electrical installations for all types of buildings, towers, and projects. Our field includes supplying and installing Busducts for buildings, factories, and other projects. We have experience with the fields of security systems, cameras and network systems.

3- Mechanical Services

  • Zahrat Al-Iraq Company provides mechanical services and mechanical solutions for factories, buildings, industries and all other projects. The company's specialized field includes the following:
  • -Design, installation and maintenance of HVAC systems.
  • -Supply and installation of pumps, compressors, valves, fans and other mechanical equipments.
  • -Supply and installation of firefighting systems.
  • -Installation of LPG gas systems.
  • Water recycling, filtration and filtering.

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4- Renewable and Sustainable Energy

  • -Renewable energy has given more attraction to the energy companies and international institutions, as it is the fastest growing generation of electricity in the world now.
  • -Our company has a special interest in this field, especially the fields of solar energy and wind energy.
  • -Zahrat Al-Iraq Company is one of the companies that worked in this field and carried out several projects, especially in the fields of solar energy, and our field of work includes from design to installation, and supplying materials.
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5- Automation

  • -Automation and synchronization are the backbone of modern industry. In this field, our company owns a team of specialized engineers, and our services in this field include control and management of substations, automation services for factories, as well as buildings and smart homes.
  • -We also provide PLC and SCADA solutions, AC drives and Soft Starters systems for generators and pumps, modification services in synchronization systems, programming and provision of synchronization panels.
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6- Academic and vocational training

Zahrat Al-Iraq Company provides important educational, training and development experiences to improve and expand capabilities, through customized education, training and development programs, which are developed and taught by highly experienced engineers and consultants.

Zahrat Al-Iraq Academy offers training courses and courses in the fields of building services, constructions, electrical and mechanical services, solar energy, automation, synchronization, and general trades. Engineers, students, and technicians can take advantage of the training courses and competition to get jobs, and to upgrade their expertise and breadth of knowledge.

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